1. Find the following language techniques in Animal Farm. Write them in your book including page references. Find 2 techniques for each and explain why they are effective. Complete the grid privided in the link: ANALYSING LANGUAGE TECHNIQUES IN ANIMAL FARM GRID .doc (30,5 kB)

-          visual imagery

-          aural imagery

-          simile

-          metaphor

-          rhetorical question

-          sarcasm

-          irony

  1. Reread 'What is allegory?' How is Animal Farm an allegory? 100 words.
  2. Reread the section on 'What is a fable?'. How is Animal Farm a fable? 150 words.
  3. Discuss the style of the novel. Refer to booklet on style. 150 words.
  4. How does Orwell use language techniques to get his message across to the reader? 200 words – extended response
  5. On a mind map using Inpiration or other formats analyse the characters in the text. Compare and contrast the characters.
  6. Deconstruct your realted texts using the deconstruction grid below. Then write an anlytical response of 100 words for each related text on how it links to the theme of POWER and to ANIMAL FARM (plot, setting, characters, ideas/themes, use of language etc..)  DECONSTRUCTING RELATED TEXTS GRID.doc (28,5 kB) DO NOT DO THIS QUESTION
  7. Respond to the discussion forum below.

What are your views on allegorical works? Do you think they work? Why? Why not?

Date: 06/05/2013

By: Rebecca Ibrahim

Subject: Response

I believe that writing a novel as an “allegory” is very creative and very effective. As they simplify the character e.g. A Russian soldier is represented by a pig, the novel now appeals to a wider audience as people of a variety of ages are able to understand it. It also allows for the book to be seen through many different perspectives for example, to younger children it is just a story about animals, whilst to a group of adults they are able to understand the actual meaning behind it and make reference to events and people in history. Although Orwell has made characters and certain aspects of the novel represent certain historic information he has not used the allegorical nature of the novel to accurately speak about it.