Collect Recall & Ask Questions


  1. What is a fable?
  2. What is satire?
  3. What is propaganda?
  4. What does totalitarian mean? What does communism mean?
  5. What are the features of a totalitarian regime (country, rulers)
  6. Read George Orwell’s biography in your booklet and explain what may have influenced him in writing ‘Animal Farm’.
  7. Make a mind map on the historical context of Animal Farm by looking as the Russian Revolution and key historical figures: Lenin, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin, Cheka/KGB (Secret Police) [refer to booklet notes and use the information there to include on your mind map.]
  8. Begin reading novel – complete the novel by _________________.
  9. Complete Study Guide Chapter Questions.

Tyranny in the world - will it ever be eradicated?

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